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Johanna Mikkola is the CEO and Co-founder of Wyncode Academy a leading technical school dedicated to training top technology talent through best-in-class accelerated and immersive programs. With various courses in web development, UX/UI product design and digital marketing, Wyncode’s innovative curriculum prepares students to compete in the national job arena. This is demonstrated by Wyncode’s 90% job placement rate, 700+ technology graduates and 350+ hiring partners. Johanna was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in June 2015 joining a prestigious network of only the most select high impact entrepreneurs around the globe. Johanna is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Babson College WIN LAB, is a founding member of the Miami chapter of the Female Founder Collective, sits on the content advisory board of eMerge Americas , and is an Ambassador for Aminta Ventures. She is also a member of Entrepreneur Organization. She was recently selected as Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s female leader in technology and was a finalist for Entrepreneur of the year. Johanna was awarded the 40 Under 40 Award by South Florida Business Journal. 

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Miami Herald Press Release

The Knight Foundation believes a more diverse set of Miamians should learn to code - And is putting it's money where it's mouth is.

Tech Republic Press Release

There is a myth that exists  that  women are not interested in STEM professions. How  can we bust this  myth, and what can we really do to emphasize the work women are doing  in technology?


Some  of Wyncode's  best students have unexpected backgrounds: athletes, and musicians tend to do well in the discipline. The talent is here. You're just looking through the wrong or outdated lens. The most successful companies  will be those who are able  to identify people with transferable skills.